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How I make my first Website with

Since long, I am planning to make my first website (kind of a blog), where I can publish Article, Graphics, Portfolio, Video, etc. I heard a lot that, with one can make a professional-level website without coding.

Do you want to know that, how I had made my first website without coding? I had done some course online to learn WordPress like How To Create A Website using WordPress (Step by Step) by Martie Dread at

After completing the course, I felt that there are main three thing to make any website.

1) Domain Name
2) Hosting Space
3) Content Management System (CMS)

Domain Name

A domain name tells that the name of your website. There are some choices based on geographic location, type & Purpose of Website as mention below.


I bought a .in domain as per my first name and last name. We can pronounce it as “kevin kovadia dot in” ( I bought the domain from Rediff in Rs. 399 (exclusive of tax). You can also check the availability of your favorite domain from here.

Hosting Space

A Hosting space (Name Server address) tells the address/location of your website. Hosting space can be measured in MB, GB, TB. To start a website as a beginner level 1GB of Hosting space is more than enough. In my case, I had bought a reseller hosting space of 50 GB from Bigrock. In Reseller Hosting pack, we can host at least 50 websites with 1GB of hosting space for each website. You can buy 1GB of hosting space and one custom email address ( Click on below button to know more.

Content Management System (CMS)

A CMS helps to add/edit/delete the content (text,image) on a website. There are many CMS available. I choose, WordPress as my CMS. WordPress is free and open-source CMS. You can see some of the websites made with WordPress at

You can listen to my latest podcast to more about Open-source.

You can listen to my latest podcast to more about WordPress.

By Kevin Kovadia

Love and Respect for #OpenSource #WordPress #Gutenberg #Linux #WikiPedia #CreativeCommons #FIlmMaking #Blogging #Nature

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