New way of Online Marketing – Greetings Card

According to Wikipedia, A greeting card is an illustrated piece of a card featuring an expression of friendship, relationship or other sentiments. Although greeting cards are usually given on special occasions such as birthday, festival, new year or another holiday. they are also sent to convey thanks, express other feelings or convey any message. When the greeting card is sent online via email or social media, it also called “e-card“. Let say occasion is “Welcome 2019”. The following are some the sample of greeting card for “Welcome 2019” theme.

A unique design will connect to the customer easily and it will remain in the customer mind. A message may be very simple like Happy new year, Happy Birthday, Happy Festival. A cool greeting card is ready with the help of text message, graphics, and brand color combination. Adding a quote in design also adding advantage to the card. Check out an article on “How to building customer loyalty with Greeting card?” and a story on”How world’s greatest car salesman has used Greeting card marketing strategy?”

Sending a greeting card to the customer is a simple and unique marketing practice. It will also highlight, the creative way of communication of sender. There are so many different colorful templates available online for the greeting card.

By Kevin Kovadia

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